Using Asthma Therapy As Natural Asthma Cure

July 6, 2017

Many people choose to turn to alternative therapies because it will reduce on their need for medication and in turn reduce many harmful side effects these medication have. It also a cheaper alternative and some people are just not okay with taking medicine manufactured in laboratory and assembly lines.


Acupuncture is one of many alternative therapies that is available to treat asthma. According to the National Health Institute, up to 71 percent of those who tried acupuncture have noted an improvement in their asthma condition. Acupuncture works on the ancient Chinese philosophy of Qi or vital energy. The concept is based on when certain Qi points on your body is blocked, it results in disease and suffering. Acupuncturist unblocks Qi points by inserting needles at certain points in the body. Laser beams is sometimes used as it gentler on the skin.

The benefits of using acupuncture are obvious. Many asthmatic people noted a decrease for the need of rescue medication like the metered dose inhaler (MDI) containing beta2 agonist drugs. However, on the flip side, some asthmatics people show no or little improvement in their condition at all so the results are mixed. The advice I can give is that you can try visiting acupuncture for about 3 months and if there are no significant improvement, you can stop going for your sessions.

Do take note when finding an acupuncturist make sure they are licensed by the state. Do also ensure that your acupuncturist also practice strict sanitation procedures. Inform your acupuncturist of any current medication that you are taking and any existing medical problems you have. Each session can vary between $35 to $60. Acupuncture is pretty safe and is not known to aggravate asthma.


People go for chiropractic therapy for back pain and muscle aches problems but people are going for asthma therapy too. Chiropractic involves the use of electronic devices like electrical magnetic stimulation to enhance muscle strength and reduce inflammation. Again the results for this form of therapy are mixed. The benefits will include a reduction use of short acting beta2 agonist drugs. Drugs that are used for rescue medication in a form of an inhaler.

When going to a chiropractic treatment, expect some discomfort after each session. Be wary of unscrupulous chiropractors that ask you to go for sessions several times a week for many months. Each session can cause you an average of $50 and of course make sure the chiropractor is licensed one.

Many form of asthma therapy may prove to be alternative to asthma medication. However, asthmatic people must be cautious when going this approach as there is currently very little and viable studies done of this type of asthma therapy. Always ask your physician for advice before going for such form of asthma therapy.

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