Cure Asthma Naturally – Alternative Asthma Therapies

July 6, 2017

For those of you who suffer from asthma I have the greatest sympathy. Me being a sufferer from asthma too, I can understand the agony you feel when the asthma attack comes. You see asthma is a disease of the respiratory tree, in which it becomes hyper responsive to some special external stimuli. These stimuli that cause asthma are basically allergy causing agents, the most famous of which is the pollen, explaining the preponderance of asthma in the change of season times. Thus basically in asthma it is the body’s immune system damaging itself.

The drugs for asthma used by doctors aim at two main things:

1) To stop the asthma attack- that is symptomatic asthma treatment- given via bronchodilators.
2) To prevent further asthma attacks- that is definitive asthma treatment- given via steroids.

Now for asthma, bronchodilators are pretty safe drugs to use, but the same cannot be said about steroids as cure for asthma. If i start recounting the side effects of steroids seen during their use in asthma, you would probably fall asleep before the end of the list- there are just so many.

Keeping this in mind you have to choose between what the doctor prescribes for asthma and some of the alternative therapies for asthma that are available. You see most doctors are usually not aware as to the existence of alternative therapies for asthma, even if they are aware they tend to be skeptical. Mind you, the treatment they prescribe for asthma is not wrong but its a personal choice you have to make between alternative therapies and the drugs. However, before making this choice for your treatment of asthma, be sure to consult your asthma physician first.

Now we shall discuss some of the natural ways to cure asthma, that is the alternative therapies:

1) Relaxation techniques and Yoga: This technique incorporates the breathing exercises of yoga. I am an avid follower of this technique for my asthma. The exercises include- Kapalbharti and Bhastrika. These exercises work in an as yet unknown way, but believe me they are probably the most useful of all the alternative therapies to cure asthma naturally.

2) Probiotics: These are cultures of potentially beneficial bacteria that normally reside in the healthy gut, usually taken in form of probiotic supplemented yogurt. The intake of these regularly has been found to be beneficial in curing asthma naturally, and it is a well established part of alternative therapy of asthma.

3) In the third place for alternative therapies for curing asthma naturally, comes the usual rant of antioxidants, vitamins C and E, selenium, and zinc.

Thus, folks, concludes my discourse on alternative therapies for curing asthma naturally. Thank you for having the patience to reach the end.

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